Author = mohsen mehrara
Measuring Credit Gap in Iran: Semi-Structural Approach

Volume 58, Issue 4, December 2023, Pages 543-564


Ali Afzali; Ali Taiebnia; mohsen mehrara

Predicting the Impact of monetary and fiscal policies on the unemployment rate in the Iranian Economy

Volume 55, Issue 2, September 2020, Pages 321-345


Mohammad Rasouli; Hamid Abrishami; mohsen mehrara; Homa Esfahanian

The Effect of Degree of Competition and Capital Requirements on Iranian Banks' Risk-Taking

Volume 53, Issue 1, April 2018, Pages 25-44


Teymur Rahmani; mohsen mehrara; Amin Mohseni Cheraghloo; Giti Shakeri

Determinants of Inflation in Iran Based on STR Approach

Volume 47, Issue 4, March 2013, Pages 221-242


mohsen mehrara; ali taiebnia; Jalal Dehnavi

Technical Efficiency of SAMAN BANK Branches and Determinant Factors

Volume 46, Issue 3, March 2012, Pages 1-20

Hamid Abrishami; mohsen mehrara; Sara Safa Motlagh

Forecasting the GDP in Iran Based on GMDH Neural Network

Volume 44, Issue 3, February 2010

Hamid Abrishami; mohsen mehrara; Mehdi Ahrari; Soude Mirghasemi