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Impact of Liquidity Crisis on Economic Recession: Limited Simulation Based on Consumer and Producer Behavior

Volume 56, Issue 4, February 2022, Pages 613-635


Samira Azadeh Ranjbar; Hossein Raghfar; kobra sangari mohazab

The Effect Infrastructure on Human Development in Iran

Volume 54, Issue 4, January 2020, Pages 1017-1042


Khaled Ahmadzadeh; sholeh nasri

The Effect of Targeting Subsidies on Non-Food Costs of Rural Households Provinces in Iran

Volume 54, Issue 2, June 2019, Pages 303-320


Ali Rahnama; Mahmoud Hashemi Tabar; Ahmad Akbari

Investigating the consumer price indices convergence among Iran provinces using cluster analysis

Volume 54, Issue 2, June 2019, Pages 369-393


ahmad mohammadi; serveh abdolkarimi azar; ali feghhe majidi

The Effect of Economic Shocks on the Consumption Iranian Households

Volume 53, Issue 4, December 2018, Pages 941-970


Mohammad Mowlaei; Oday Ali

Telecommunications and the Iran Productivity Revival: A Disaggregated Analysis

Volume 53, Issue 3, August 2018, Pages 543-567


Esfandiar Jahangard; Arian Daneshmand; mohammad Sattarifar

The Impacts of International Sanctions and other Factors Affecting Exchange Rate in Iran

Volume 52, Issue 3, October 2017, Pages 641-661


Seyed Komail Tayebi; Abdolrasoul Sadeghi

Determinants of Iranian Economic Growth

Volume 52, Issue 3, October 2017, Pages 663-686


Zakariya Farajzadeh; Hamid Amadeh; Mohammad Omrani