Keywords = Exchange rate
Instability in Iran's informal Foreign exchange market: structural breaks and jumps or long memory in volatility?

Volume 58, Issue 1, March 2023, Pages 61-94


Mojtaba Rostami; Moslem Nilchi; Mohammad Mehdi Momenzadeh

Multidimensional Analysis of the Exchange Rate and Its Uncertainty in the Dynamics of Iran's Economic Growth

Volume 56, Issue 2, December 2021, Pages 291-323


Akbar Hassanzadeh; Hassan Heidari; kiumars shahbazi; S. Jamaledin Mohseni Zonouzi

Asymmetric Effects of Trade Balance Relative to Savings Rates and the Real Effective Exchange Rate: Markov-Switching Approach

Volume 52, Issue 4, January 2018, Pages 821-840


mohammad mehdi bargi oskooee; Alireza Kazerooni; Behzad Salmani; Saber khodaverdizadeh

The Impacts of International Sanctions and other Factors Affecting Exchange Rate in Iran

Volume 52, Issue 3, October 2017, Pages 641-661


Seyed Komail Tayebi; Abdolrasoul Sadeghi

Game theory Approach on Detrmining Exchange and Wage Rate: Empirical Study in Iran

Volume 46, Issue 4, January 2012, Pages 85-117

ghahreman abdoli; Ahmad gholami

Designing a Optimal Intervention Model in Foreign Exchange Market of Iran

Volume 45, Issue 4, February 2011, Pages 55-80

Jafar Ebadi; Hajar Jahangard


Volume 41, Issue 4, October 2006


Volume 41, Issue 2, June 2006