Publication Ethics

Ethical principles of publishing an article
When submitting an article, the author must review the undertaking that the article is a qibla in any of the domestic and foreign publications or collections of articles

Seminars and scientific conferences have not been published or are not normally submitted to other journals, please submit along with the article.

 On the ethics of publishing an article, the magazine, on the one hand, is committed to protecting the rights of authors, owners and producers of content, and on the other hand, if you believe that the rights of its audience and readers should be protected. read. Therefore, in order to observe this important issue and in line with the international scientific community, it bases its actions on ethical laws in the world publication and implements its policies on the basis of Iranian principles.

 According to the magazine, economic belief is the economy that is involved in the process of publishing an article (author, magazine staff and judges), reflects the rules and accepts the ethical charter of the magazine and acts on it. The publication follows the rules of the International Committee on Ethics in Publication (COPE).