This study compares parametric and non-parametric approaches for the efficiency and
scale economics of range management projects in 3 provinces.
The DEA results indicate that: 1- There is a potential to raise technical-efficiency 33% in range. management projects; 2- Increasing return - to - scale(IRTS) is prevalent in
production process; 3- Ordering the provinces according to the level of technical
efficiency position khorasan, west-Azarbaijan, Yazd in the first, second and third place. 4
The feeling of possession and local methods of management and division of range land
has a positive impact on the sustainability of pasture landS'. 5- The increasing number of
livestock and livestock operators lead to a decline in the biologic capacity of pasture
lands. 6- Extension trainings are successful for increasing of efficiency.
The comparative study of approaches show: 1- Both have their specific potential; 2There is the possibility of contradictory results; 3- The application of the results of parametric
approach in non-parametric approach modeling reduce the possible deficiencies of the latter;
4- The application of parametric approach in the agricultural and natural resource researches
is very essential because of their characteristics; 5- The average efficiency in DEA- VRS is likely higher comparing to SF A in Agricultural and natural resource section.

JEL Classification: Q12,R29.