The purpose of this paper is surveying productivity situation of productive inputs
in Khorasan' s large scale industrial groups. In order to, the methods of productivity
indices and production function estimation have been employed. Moreover, the
indices of labour-intensive, capital-intensive and energy-intensive of the industries
have been calculated. Finally, labour productivity (as a major productive input) of
the industries of the province compared with that of industries in the country level.
Obtained results indicate that labour productivity of the country level has been
higher than that of the province in the year under study. Comparing the industrial
groups from the point of view of the labour productivity also indicates that except
five groups, in which the province has showed a better performance, other industrial
groups in the level country obtained a highe:r place than the province from this point of view. This research also revealed that the majority of Khorasan's industrial
groups are labour-intensive whereas, seven of them are consuming energy more than
that of the average of the province's industri(_s.
JEL Classification: L60 - L61- L62 - L63 - L64 - L65 - L66-L67- L68 - L69
CIO - Cl2 - C13 - C21 - D24.