Environmental Effective Factors on Houses Prices in Tehran: Hedonic Pricing Approach



Nowadays, environmental problems such as air pollution are the most effective factors in metropolitans. So that, the most important effect of environmental factors such as air pollution has been on prices of residential houses. So, investigation the effects of different factors on residential houses shows that prices have special importance. This article has investigated an environmental approach. By using Hedonic Pricing Method, rate of effects of these factors on Tehran residential houses has been investigated. For this research we have used cross section data of 1383, regarding 17 areas of Tehran, by using the OLS procedure with the log-log formulation. For separation of effects of variables which are different for residential units, flats and villas dummy variables have been used. As results, among those variables, square factor of units has the most effects on houses prices. Among physical variables age of building has considerable effects on prices. Environmental variables such as rate of air pollution, according to PSI standard pollution indicator have significant effects. In addition, the closeness of residential houses to airport have negative effect on houses price.
JEL Classification: Q50, Q51, Q58