Computing the Trend of Globalization & It’s Predictions in the 4th Program Using Neural Artificial Network in Iran Economy



Throughout his long life, man has always imagined creating a creature with the same capabilities of his own or much higher than that; a creature in his service. At the end of the 20th century, gaining the logical and mathematical model for man’s actions and reactions has caused man to be the creator of a virtual intelligence himself; the intelligence by which a machine can think like a man, have a conceptions of the world around, learn what he needs, use the past experiences, & above all can look ahead to future.
In this article through using the neural artificial network, some of the indices of globalization of the main parts of the country (agriculture, industry & mining, services & construction) during 1959-2001 have been studied and predicted (2002 -2009).
The predictions show that although the rate of level of international trade index in industry is much higher than the rest of the indices, the process is decreasing and shows its weakening during the years in the international trade area. On the other hand, the other parts indicates the increase of globalization index during the 4th development program.
JEL Classification: F13, F10