An Investigation of Brain Drain from Iran to OECD Countries Based on Gravity Model



Recently, economists have attention to the brain drain as emigration of skilled and educated labor force from developing countries.
In this case, we are dealing with one main question is: how brain drain can affect the human capital of source countries?
Based on existing theories, brain drain can affect the economy of source countries in different ways such as; direct reduction of human capital, increasing of general level of education and human capital, increasing of remittance and GNP and network effects.
In this research we have studies the cause and effects of brain drain phenomenon from 135 developing countries to 16 developed countries which are member of OECD since 1990 till 2004.
The main result of this research is that; brain drain has a positive and significant effect on the accumulation of human capital, and regional convergence among developing countries with different income,
JEL: j24, R23