Consumption and Saving Behavior in the Neoclassical Growth Model Case study: Iran



In this paper, The Behavior of saving and consumption has been considered in Ramsey – Cass- Koopmans model’s framework. Our purpose was investigation of dynamics of these variables and analysis of their response to other parameter and variable variations. So, we made Lagrangian function subject to some restrictions and Euler equations and other steady state path equations. And then, We have calculated time path of endogenous variables (k,c) by Shooting Algorithm. Also, we made time series of saving and consumption by simulation method. And the comparison of this simulated data with actual data, by MAPE and other criteria shows that the generated data from neoclassical growth model explains more than 85 percent of actual data. As a next step, we have investigated the effects of other exogenous variables on simulated saving data. Our findings shows that, with adjusted assumption, TFP fluctuations will be able made significant variations in saving.
JEL classification: F14, F31, F32