An Inquiry into the Vitality of Alternative Economic Approaches: Reflections on Philosophical and Applied Requirements



Considering the teachings of alternative economic school(s), a question is always posed on the necessity of such studies against the orthodox intellectual school. This question is more highlighted amidst the fact that the latter enjoys being labeled as "mainstream economics" and most economic and political decisions are made in most universities, academic circles as well as decision-making bodies according to the main trend.
This paper tries to find an answer for this question and proposes two arguments for it: Firstly, from the viewpoint of philosophy of science, limiting scientific studies to a certain paradigm is impossible in human sciences and specifically in economics. Secondly, reflecting upon various paradigms not only enriches scholars' understanding of the main paradigm, but it will meet their needs in an attempt to find new approaches and strategies as well when new social, political, economic and cultural concerns arise.
JEL Classifications: B00 ،B21 ،B15 ،B41 ،B50