Understanding of Economic Behaviour Based on Neurological Function and Cognitive Science



Neuroeconomics that has merged from the interaction of neuroscience, economics and psychology, is. Promising new approach to understanding human behavior in economic analysis, especially as an selector (that is the fundamental issue is economics). This article illustrate the advantages of neuroeconomics and with focus on methodology of economics and ability of this branch of economic for theorizing, is raised in defence of this branch. According to this article, should be noted that this new research program, based on the primary mission of the economics, created an opportunity for dialogue between economists and even among behavioural science and economics researchers. Knowing accuracy or incorrectly of assumptions (that used as base in economics) is the most important achievement of this branch of economics. Therefore neuroeconomics is not attempting to reject the previous theories, but takes steps to complete them.
JEL Classification: B04, C91, D01, D87