Introduetion & criticism of Helmout Arndt Evolutional Economic Theory


Helmout Arndt is the professor of Berlin University. He published
the results of his fifty - years studies in this book; the .title of the book
is::"Developing & the theory of evolutional economy & it's importance
for economical & fiscal policies"; Its second edition was in 1994 &
.eflectives like: Fransva Pro & Alvin Hansen & Gardian criticized ,and
iccepted his theory. The writer at first attends to the precedent of
wolutional economy & then considers its basis in Germany Historical
IchooI. Then, he studies the continuation of evolutional economy
hinking in naturalism. He believes that the previous naturalists were the
followers of historical school. Today naturalism & evolutional economy
is accepted as a scientific branch in American & European Economics
The writer believed that the Arndt evolutioanl theory is the
continuation of Shumpeter development economic theory, that is
combined with the Valter Oiken & Newliberals economy system.
The writer differentiated the meaning of developing & growth In
economy & continuous of the researching in Arndt theory. He thinks
that classics & new classics analysed the economy problems on
equilibrium theory while there is no equilibrium because in that
situation considering of economical phenomenons & relations are
He says that we should think of new model for analysing the
economic phenomenons that includes the changes.
The writer criticizes the Arndt evolutional economic theory, but he
believes that it's useful for students to study because of its attention to
cultural & social factors.