Applying Multinomial Logit Model for Determining Effective Socio-Economic Factors on Customer Impressibility from Different Marketing Advertising Policies: The Case of Mashhad

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Associate Professor, University of Ferdowsi Mashhad , Agricultural Economics Department

2 University of Ferdowsi Mashhad , Agricultural Economics Department


Nowadays, marketing is considered as one of the most important parts of all manufacturing and service activities. In order to reach more share of goal market, different companies always update and change their marketing policies. These companies have to know that different customers impressed by different marketing policies and them, they should choose most suitable policies for one goal group. The other words, they have manage their cost beside managing market and income. Applying multinomial logit model and collecting data form 201 food customers in Mashhad in 2012, the current research tries to investigate effective factors on effectiveness of each advertisement method. The results show that married people, high-income ones, youth, women, educated people and larger families are more affected by media and sellers. In addition these results indicate that men, aged, single, low-income and low-literate people are more affected by their friends.