Economic analysis of solar energy system for southern Iran’s villages : Case Study Baghtaj Village( Dashtestan Bushehr)

Document Type : Research Paper



Developing electrical Energy is one of the basic needs for development, so equipping the rural regions and villiages is one of the main responisiblities of thirdworld countries. in this study, we used economic evaluation indexes to compare electrification to Baghtaj village by power grid expansion and application of solar photovoltaic systems. Economic evaluation indexes suggests that in the absence of government subsidies for these two methods, none of these ways are economical and they have negative net present value. governments in order to achieve the goals of social justice must implement such projects with negative net present value. in such circumstances, government subsidies for the difference between the desired values of a unit of electricity from power plant to achieve a positive net present value. We assume this precondition to electrification, using a solar photovoltaic system, because it has less negative net present value.


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