Theoretical bases of Economic Liberalization Effect on Intra industry Trade: A Case Study for Iran



According to the literature, economic liberalization is an important factor affecting the Intra industry Trade (IIT). Present paper is trying to examine the positive effect of economic liberalization on Iran’s IIT as well as to review the effectiveness of important components of economic liberalization including privatization, trade liberalization, exchange rate liberalization and financial liberalization on IIT, based on theoretical models. For the empirical study, we have estimated IIT type at 6-digit HS classification system during time period 1992-2005 by using trade types index. Then, we have used two group models (IIT and types of IIT) for examining this hypothesis. Overall, although it seems that there is no deterministic theoretical relationship between important components of economic liberalization and IIT, yet economic liberalization has positive effect on IIT, based on experimental evidences.
JEL Classification: F12, F13, F17