Evaluation of the Stock and Property Transfer in Major Public Enterprises


Regarding articles 134 and 138 of the constitutional Law and in
accordance with the notes of 4-37, 8-1, 8-2 and 8-3 of the general policies
from the first section of the First Five Year Economic Plan, in order to
increase efficiency in public enterprises, reduce the size of the
government and its intervention in non necessary economic activities, to create economic equilibrium, and to optimize resource allocation, the
cabinet ofministeres approved the policy ofpublic enterprises transfers in
1989. During 1989-1995 ministries, organizations, foundations, and etc
succeeded to trasfer about 3789676 million rials to private sector, public
enterprises and the government. Outofwhicb 51.8% has been transfered
through Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE), and 48.2% through actions and
negotiations. From the total transfered amount, 82.1% is.pertinent to three
organizations including: National Industries Organization ofIran with the
share of 45.7%, Industries and MiningBank with the share of 19.5% and
Development and Renovation Industries Organization ofIran with the
share of 16.9%. Other organizations share amounts to 17.9%. Out of
82.1% of the mentioned transfers 49.9% is pertinent to private sector and
50.1% is allocated to public enterprises, organizations and foundations. It is
noteworthing that out of 3789676 million rials transfers, only 155657
million rials (about 4.1%) has been transfered to public employers and