Implementing models are one of the main categories of EC models in the literature. Implementing models in the frame of evolutionary and maturity stages, describe how to develop and apply EC in an enterprise step by step. Integrating different implementing models and based on organizational perspective, a 6-stage maturity model of EC was designed in this article. The stages of newly developed model called “Enterprise EC Maturity Model” include: (1) package; (2) access; (3) initial presence; (4) realization; (5) institutionalizations; and (6) optimization. Obviously each stage has its own indicators. The validity of the model verified and confirmed by 10 EC experts, practitioners and specialists. Interestingly the stages of enterprise EC maturity model are consistent with e-readiness of an organization and its main activities (such as export activities). Meanwhile in the early stages of the model, e-readiness of export activities is low and in the advanced stages it seems to be high. Iran excellent exporters were 36 companies, which is considered as the sample of this paper. Findings show that all surveyed companies mainly lie in the 3rd stage of the model. However several companies could acquire some indicators of 4th and 5th stages.
JEL Classification: F13, M21